For Legacy

How do you want to be remembered upon maturity? 

Succession planning for the continuance of family values, culture and wisdom needs comprehensive planning. How to ensure the estate is distributed in a fair and equal manner to avoid family disputes?

Whether it is out of love, make a gift to each family members or charitable giving, an insurance policy is a perfect solution. An insurance saving plan grows its cash value year by year. When appropriate, withdrawal from the policy could support education fee, marriage, a business start-up for your next generation. Nevertheless, the death proceeds could also be designated to support the charities of choice without considering the family members future inheritance. If the donor wants to see the results when he is still alive, donations can be made today from his assets at a low cost through premium financing. The death proceeds will be "paid back" to the family members.

Premium Finance Program is available for US insurance. A jumbo life policy can be purchased at a low cost through the wealth-creating power of leverage. Premium financing is an effective and affordable solution enabling you to pay the premiums for the coverage you need without liquidating assets.

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