We strive to provide effective solutions that assist
our clients and their families to adapt to their
changing life stages.

Grandtag (Overseas) Limited offers a wide range of competitive, innovative and market-leading cross-border solutions to clients in different regions across Asia markets.

From our experience of serving thousands of clients across Asia markets, the demand for low-cost insurance is huge. Our team specialized in U.S. insurance products are in the best position to help clients in managing, protecting and growing wealth in a professional and an unbiased manner.

We are proud to join hands with a leading provider of US Life insurance with more than a century of proven success and be one of their exclusive brokers in Asia markets for a wide range of competitive and market-leading cross-border solutions for clients in different regions. To learn more about us, click here.

Advantages of U.S. Insurance

  1. U.S. is the leader in Life Insurance
  2. U.S. offers the cheapest Term Policy in the world that offers a reliable death benefits coverage for family or business
  3. Well priced, high-quality life insurance coverage with tax advantages cash value, flexibility, control and privacy
  4. Index Universal Life is very popular in the U.S. and has been in the market for over 10 years
  5. Index Universal Life could be used to help clients to achieve multiple objectives and different financial goals, such as Family Protection, Education Fund Planning; Retirement Planning; Wealth Accumulation and Growth, Estate and Legacy Planning, Philanthropy
Capitalizing on world-class financial products from top-ranking international providers, it is our mission to find the best available products that match our clients’ unique needs, securing and protecting their interests as they were our own.

From our experience of serving thousands clients worldwide, the common threats that most of our global clients are facing:

  • Inheritance Tax Solutions
  • Family Business Continuity Protection
  • Key Person Protection
  • Business Partnership Protection
  • Investment Account at Insurance Company

We have a comprehensive suite of products and multi-language online training materials at our platform for opportunities to global clients. With flexibility in the purchase of U.S. insurance, clients are able to apply for U.S. insurance products without travelling to Hong Kong or U.S. in person.
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For Protection

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